Contract Paralegal/Legal Document Assistant

Sheree Surber is originally from Los Angeles County and relocated to the Central Valley in 1992. Growing up, she always had a strong interest in the law and our legal system, but her focus was always on criminal matters. It was not until she experienced her own divorce that she realized her true calling was working in family law.

She obtained her paralegal certificate and began working for prominent family law attorneys in 2005. Working for these firms has given her invaluable experience and knowledge while her personal experiences allow her to truly understand what you are going through. She knows firsthand how devastating a family legal matter can be and believes everyone should have access to affordable help to protect their families. Since opening, she has had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people, and oftentimes couples, navigate their way through a difficult time.


There are choices we can't make regarding divorce. Choosing to negotiate custody, child support, etc. as peacefully and as kind a manner as possible is one choice every couple can make. Dealing with these matters outside of court is conducive to kindness and peace. I'm very grateful for Sheree's assistance with the paperwork and process. She was professional and understanding (often offering a smile of sympathy). Again, each spouse has limited choices about the divorce. In matters that one can choose, I recommend Self-Helps services. -
Daniel, Dissolution of Marriage