Contract Paralegal

Not all attorneys have, or want, a caseload large enough to warrant hiring a paralegal but still need help on occasion when they have that unexpected influx of work. We can help you meet your deadlines without worrying about hiring an employee, payroll, additional taxes or insurance costs.

While the contract rate of $85 per hour is higher than that of a regular employee, you are only paying for the time you need and, in most cases, that time can be billed to your client at $150 per hour or more generating significant profit.

You will be provided with a monthly itemized billing statement making it easier for you when it is time to prepare your own billing.


My ex-wife put me in contact with Sheree as her choice to handle our divorce paperwork. Sheree was able to make a normally painful experience both quick and smooth. It was a relief to sit in such a warm environment with all the paperwork in order and very well prepared. The professionalism, warmth and personal touch was more than appreciated.
Ray R.