Modification of Current Orders

It is common for a modification to become necessary at some point after an Order is made. Although possible modifications are endless, some of the most common requests are changes in custody and visitation, child support and spousal support. These could be due to a change in either party's income, the needs of the child(ren) or one of endless other possible changes of circumstance.

If you and the other party are in agreement regarding the changes, we can assist you in putting your agreement in writing so it can be signed by a Judge and made the new Order of the Court. This, of course, is much less expensive than litigation, and you will not have to go to Court.

If the other party will not agree, we can assist you in preparing the necessary documents setting forth your requests for modification and requesting a court hearing and modified orders.


The service at Central Valley Self-Help, Inc. was great. I knew I wanted more visitation with my son, but wasn't sure how to go about asking for it. Since the first moment my wife and I started talking with Ms. Willhoite, we haven't had to worry about anything. She walked us through the process step-by-step and helped us feel confident. All of our questions were answered, and she helped us fill in the confusing paper work. When we called or emailed, the responses were timely and gave us exactly the information we needed. I would highly recommend using this business to help you in matters of child custody and visitation. The prices were much lower than other options out there, and the friendly service put our worries to rest.
Christopher K.