A paternity action is a case involving two parents who were never married but have, or are having, one or more children together. In some instances, neither parent is contesting paternity, but they need orders to protect each of their parental rights. In others, one parent may be contesting parentage, and the Court will need to make that finding prior to orders for child custody and support being made.

Once Paternity is established, either by agreement or by the Court, child custody and support issues are handled in much the same way as in a divorce case that involves children. If the parents agree, the Court will likely make it the Order. If they cannot agree, they may have to participate in Mediation with Family Court Services and attend a hearing.


I met Sheree of Central Valley Self-Help, Inc. in July 2012. I was in the process of filing for a modification of child support and to get custody of my two boys. If you ever have gone through the divorce process, you know how costly, time consuming and confusing it all is. Sheree eliminated all these issues. She filed all of the necessary paperwork with the courts for half the cost of using a paralegal in an attorney's office. Sheree helped to get all the necessary documents served on the appropriate parties and made the entire process a lot less stressful on me.

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Ross R.